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Hi everyone! Welcome to the next chapter of your story!

So you have an autoimmune disorder. Now what? Movement and exercise ease the symptoms, but the symptoms keep you from moving and exercising. Ugh. What a crappy cycle.

I've been there. I get it. Let's talk and find out how to make yoga feel possible and amazing for you.

Yeah, it's important for people to listen to their bodies, especially when they start a new activity. But you're special. It's even more important for you to cultivate a very close relationship with your body, to listen to it, and to work with it to avoid pain.

I love working with people trying to heal from illness. With my history of an autoimmune disorder, I want to help you find something that works with your body and helps you heal emotionally and physically.




So who the hell am I? Read on to find out what led me to yoga, healing, and happiness. I promise it's not super corny.

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